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Awards and Grants Presentations 2019

On May 31st, the Federation gave 5 awards to recipients from the Francophone community during its General Annual Assembly 2019. The Cornouiller d'Or was also given to Ursula Pfahler on March 20 during the Journée de la francophonie.

Here is the list of recipients:

- Napoléon Gareau Award: Léon Lebrun

- Gérald-et-Henriette-Moreau Excellence Award: Charlotte McCaroll

- Henriette-Moreau Education Award: Mireille Turcotte

- Scholarship: Antoine Minfray

- Gérald-Moreau Litterary Award: Michèle Smolkin

- Le Cornouiller d'Or : Ursula Pfahler

The Federation congratulates the recipients for their engagement in the Francophone community of British Columbia!