Our History

The Federation was created in 1945 in order to unify the strengths of Les Cercles Francophones [Francophone associations] who wanted to preserve the French language and Francophone culture of our province.

Before the Federation creation

Traditionally, Francophone activities were structured around fur trade, woodworking and catholic professions.  Later on, they set up new structures with the view to share common interests such as sport teams, dramatic arts and literature clubs. They also founded organizations in different provincial areas (Victoria, Duncan, New Westminster and Vancouver). However, those organizations remained isolated from each other because of the lack of communication and transports.

In the early 1940s, British Columbia Francophone decided to enhance the federal government, Quebec government and provincial government awareness for the purposes of ensuring their participation in developing the province.

The Federation creation 

With the help of Mrs Yvonne Fortin-Terrien’s, Cécile Goguillon’s et IrèneGoguillon’s leadership, the British Columbia Canadien-French Club launched the idea of group in the form of a federation which would unify the different provincial Francophone associations. In Victoria, on 1945 June 24th, the first French Language Congress took place and gave birth to the Federation.

Premier Congres 1945


Since its foundation, the spokesperson organization of British Columbia Francophone community with the active participation of its members,  could successfully work on the progress of subjects in primordial sectors: school education in French from nurseries to Universities, Justice, Health, creation of sectorial organizations in the economical and culture world, the presence of the French Language at great events like 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic games in Vancouver and state services available in French by the federal government.

Congressistes 60e FFCB

Nowadays, the Federation has been involved in issues related to immigration and tries to improve relationships and services in French at local and provincial scale.
In all its existence, The Federation has committed itself to develop an inclusive and welcoming Francophile.

For further information about The Federation responsibilities and achievements, please check the booklet.

To learn more about its history, consult this document: Historic of the FFCB, or go through facts from the 60 years of the Federation.