Our Services

Supporting its members and the Francophone et Francophile community:

The Federation is in charge of developing and promoting the Francophone community in partnership with its members and partners.

The Federation works on facilitating dialogues, meetings and collaborations between provincial community organizations.

The Federation supports their projects and works along its members to reinforce their organization and administration competences.


The Agreement Secretariat: 

The Réseau en Immigration Francophone de la Colombie-Britannique (RIFCB) [British Columbia Francophone immigration network]:

The Rendez-vous de la francophonie (provincial edition):

The British Columbia directory of services in French: essential tool to expand the visibility of institutions, enterprises and professionals offering services in French

The coordination with the national spokesperson organization (Canadian and Francophone community Federation of Canada):


Undertaking and ensuring flourishing projects for the community

Publishing various documents of information and promotions 

Representing the community’s interests in the communication medium and before institutions and state and governing instances

Promoting Francophone organization activities and events

Participating in different festivals, shows and public events

Informing about services in French in British Columbia