The Agreement

The Agreement Secretariat ensures all the actions linked with The Collaborative Agreement.

By way of The Agreement Secretariat, The Federation acts as a facilitator of gathering information, of training and equipping groups to insure the British Columbia Francophone Global Development Plan execution.

The Collaborative Agreement: a strong understanding for the community

In May 1994, the consultation and elaboration process of the first understanding between Canada and the community started and The Agreement was signed on March 22nd 1996.

In July 12th 2011, a Francophone associative movement represented by The Federation signed the Collaborative Agreement with Canadian Heritage on behalf of the Government of Canada in order to ensure Francophone community fulfillment, to guarantee members’ interests and to promote the French Language and the Francophone culture.

In collaboration with Canadian Heritage ministry, The Agreement ensures an effective control of decisional mechanism for the British Columbia Francophone community with respect to projects submitted by different associations and Provincial Francophone groups regarding development.

The control is divided into two Committee formally established: The Provincial Coordination Committee formed by provincial, target groups and specific activities sectors representatives, and the Community Round Table for Funding Proposals composed of persons from the Provincial Coordination Committee.

To read more information concerning mechanisms linked with the Agreement, please click below to read our 

Guide de l'Entente.

If you want to know about the development priorities of the Francophone community that explain the projects elaboration, and actions and decisions taken by the community and the government, please read the 2019-2024 Global Development Plan.

The Global Development Plan (GDP) is a document that states the community development priorities, that informs daily efforts and that helps to anticipate the future and plans its development.  It also helps the community to share a common vision and orderly present its main concerns to governments.


Northern Region representative:
Michel Bouchard

Cultural sector representative:
Marie-Claude Tremblay

Women's Group representative:
Renée Trépanier

Youth Sector Representative:
Yann Lacoste

Education Sector Representative:
Marie-Nicole Dubois

Economy sector representative:
Daniel Dittrich

Elders group representative:
Louis-Normand Hébert

Member of the FFCB:
Padminee Chundunsing

Robert Rothon

Composition of the Community Table of Financing Proposals for 2019-2020

  • Michel Bouchard
  • Marie-Nicole Dubois
  • Louis-Normand Hébert
  • Padminee Chundunsing
  • Robert Rothon