About the FFCB

The BC Francophone Federation acts as the official organization which represents the British Columbia Francophone community. It aims to promote the French language, to represent and to defend British Columbia Francophones’ rights and interests and to preserve culture and linguistic heritage.

More than forty organizations, scattered throughout the provincial area, work in collaboration with the Federation in many sectors.

The Federation commits itself to develop an inclusive and welcoming Francophonie and strengthens British Columbia Francophone civil society competences. 

Nowadays, there are more than 316 000 Francophones in BC.


The British Columbia Francophone Federation, in partnership with its members, mobilizes and gathers the community in order to develop and ensure Francophone areas in British Columbia.


To gather the Franco-Columbian community, to defend and preserve its interests, to encourage its development, and to promote the influence of the French language.


Collaboration & Partnership

There are many ways for collaboration and we believe that a stronger society is based on partnerships no matter their expertise as long as they share the same core values. Here some goals to look forward to : 

  • we want to contribute and offer more opportunities for activities that gather communities in French whether it’s a show, a festival, a workshop, a conference etc. 
  • we are also excited about sharing what we have been learning since 1945 and learning from other organizations  to empower our respective communities;
  • we believe that partnership brings more visibility to both or multiple partners as it reinforces their legitimacy;
  • and finally, we are part of a society we want to see flourish with more togetherness, diversity as well as inclusion in all ways and that includes providing a safe space for anyone to evolve in French or to practice their French if it is a second language.


If any of these talks to you, reach up to our team and set up a meeting!

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