Our Mandat, Vision and Mission




The Federation acts as the official organization which represents the British Columbia Francophone community. It aims to promote the French language, to represent and to defend British Columbia Francophones’ rights and interests and to preserve culture and linguistic heritage.

Almost forty organizations, divided in all the provincial area, work in collaboration with the Federation in many sectors.

The Federation commits itself to develop an inclusive and welcoming Francophonie and strengthens British Columbia Francophone and Francophile civil society competences.

Nowadays, it accounts for 73 000 Francophones and 316 000 Francophiles.





The British Columbia Francophone Federation, in partnership with its members, mobilizes and gathers the community in order to develop and ensure Francophone area in British Columbia.


Gather Franco-Columbians community, defend its interests, preserve its interests, encourage its development, promote the influence of the French language.